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Facebook Search Engine Optimization: 12 Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is a widely used digital social network with 2.96 billion active users from around the globe. With more businesses leveraging Facebook business profiles now than ever, the platform has become extremely competitive, making it impossible for businesses to reach a wider audience without a holistic Facebook SEO marketing strategy that aligns with their business’s objectives.

Facebook SEO help achieve higher Google rankings, reach wider audiences, and boost growth. Having your Facebook business page not reaping the digital growth is usually rooted in not having an effective Facebook page SEO optimization strategy in place. If it sounds familiar, here is your complete guide to Facebook Search Engine Optimization: 12 Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page.

12 Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page

12 Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page

Your potential prospects are already out there on Facebook. All you have to do is to reach them which can’t be done without Facebook SEO. Here we covered 12 tips for optimizing your Facebook business page. Utilize them as your Facebook page optimization checklist to get started.

1- Personalize your Facebook Page URL

Facebook generates a URL for your page automatically when you create your Facebook business page. However, it allows you to create a customized URL up to your choice, most probably including your username, or something that reflects the unique facets of your business. This helps you signal to Google what the specific page has to offer, helps the target audience easily find you online, and plain the ground for effective branding.

2-  Use a Catchy Facebook Page Name

Use a Catchy Facebook Page Name

Your Facebook page name has a greater significance for Google and it appears in SERPs as well. Choose it wisely ensuring its relevance with your products and services. Try using a unique and catchy name that doesn’t conflict with any other business name. The best approach is to use relevant keywords in your page name to help the Facebook algorithm decipher what the page is about, help audiences find you, and reap SERPs success.

3-  Do Comprehensive Keyword Research

Your Facebook page SEO optimization efforts do not even begin without wise keyword research. You have to find keywords (the queries your target audiences put in search engines) to find businesses like yours. Implementing those queries on your Facebook page helps appear you in search results when people make Facebook or Google searches. Leverage intuitive tools like Semrush or Keywords Everywhere to find Facebook SEO keywords.

4-  Use Strategic Keywords Placement

Use Strategic Keywords Placement

The critical step after keyword research is sprinkling those keywords throughout your Facebook page. But you should strategically find a balance between over or underplating them, or else Facebook will penalize you. Just use them naturally, where they don’t feel out of context. You can also use them in your Descriptions, Headlines, About sections, URLs, and Captions to help the Facebook algorithm understand your page and show it in relevant SERPs.

5-  Create Backlinks to Your Page

Effective backlinking boosts your Facebook business page growth as authoritative domains backlinked to your content reflect your page’s value, and relevance, make you credible in Google’s eyes and help the potential audience reach you. You can acquire backlinks from your website and other reputable domains, or do guest-posting to avail of backlinking opportunities and boost your business’s audience reach and  Facebook business Google rankings.

6-  Provide Accurate Contact Information

Provide Accurate Contact Information

This step which sounds simple is yet crucial to strengthen your Facebook SEO efforts and signal to Google that your page is relevant to local searches. Add accurate contact information including your address, email, and phone number. If you operate from multiple locations, create individual Facebook pages for each location, adding accurate contact information. It will help potential users know how and where to contact you and improve Facebook SEO.

7-  Optimize Facebook Page About Section

Your Facebook page about section is the first place user visit to get details about your business. Create a relevantly detailed, compelling, and keywords optimized description to inform customers of how your services add value and also help you appear for relevant search queries. Mention any awards or recognitions to your name and link your other active social profiles, signaling search engines that you are a legit business actively serving on multiple platforms.

8-  Add a Call-to-action Button

Add a Call-to-action Button

Adding a CTA (call-to-action) button is the best way to turn visitors into customers. An effective CTA not only generates potential leads but also improves your customer service. There are multiple CTA button options i.e. Add to cart, Sign up to newsletter, Talk to an expert, Buy this product, Download here, etc. This encourages people to take action easily. While you can add any CTA, ensure that your CTA is relevant to your business page’s content and context.

9-  Share Valuable Content Regularly

Share well-optimized and value-adding content that boosts engagement, and turns visitors into followers and then customers. Other than updates, and news, you should also leverage Facebook notes to post comprehensive yet informative content. Your content whether graphic or textual should be keyword optimized to claim your position in SERPs and have a competitive edge. Also, get aware of the best time to post on Facebook for likes and better reach.

10-  Stay Connected to Your Audience

Build a human connection with your audience using live streams,  polls, or questions. Have review management in place to respond timely to comments and reviews with Thanks or apologies according to the review, and address their concerns professionally and respectfully. This shows customers that you care about them, boosts audience engagement, and signals search engines that your business is active, thus, improving your Facebook SEO.

11-  Keep an Eye on your Competition

Keeping eye on your competition helps you stay aware of the latest trends, ensure whether you are utilizing all the resources available, and thus provide room for improvement to build a competitive privilege. You can use the  Facebook insight tool to check your business page’s performance against your competitors. This not only helps you keep pace with your competitors’ actions but also helps you build a top-notch strategy to outperform them in SERPS.

12-  Utilize Facebook SEO Tools

Facebook page SEO optimization tools and some legit third-party apps are the best to track and improve your Facebook SEO efforts. A few of these include Facebook insights, Google analytics, and Social media management. These tools give insights into your page’s performance, and audience-content interaction, help track traffic and manage content. Facebook SEO tools when used right improve your SEO and Social media marketing efforts.


If you are reading till now, Congratulations! Because you now know Facebook Search Engine Optimization: 12 Tips for Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page which are your answer to how to rank your Facebook page on Google. Facebook page SEO optimization is crucial to increase your Facebook page visibility, traffic, and thus leads. Getting your content recognized by a wider audience is crucial to turn them into customers. While the above tips are proven to enhance the effectiveness of your Facebook page and your business growth, you can partner up with a professional digital marketing agency to avail of their Social media marketing services  to make your Facebook business page a successful online presence to achieve your desired business goals.