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Build a strong social media presence


Leverage the power of social media to increase visibility of your business, promote products & services, and aware your targeted audience.

The social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are now doing more than connecting people – Helping businesses to create a social presence to achieve goals in your journey of digital success.

At TL Solutions, with a team of Social media strategists and marketers, we are helping businesses in crafting a successful social media strategy. We optimise all social media channels that are aligned to your business niche to enable you to attract potential customers, improve reach, increase engagements, and deliver consistent brand messages across all platforms.

Social media marketing is not only about posting content on all channels

Following the best practices and industry trends, we create strategies tailored to your business needs and budget. We help businesses of all sizes and marketer – whether B2B or B2C – WE’RE HERE TO HELP!

  • Real & Tangible Results
  • Enriched Customer Reach
  • Passive Profitability
  • Competitor’s Analysis
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Our Social Media Marketing Services

Social Advertising

Capture more potential leads, drive sales, and increase brand awareness with our social advertising services tailor-made for your growth. Our social media experts execute successful advertising campaigns with converting ad copy and content. We optimise landing pages and content of advertising campaigns to ensure it converts your targeted audience. With our optimised social media advertising services, we drive maximum ROI and continually monitor performance to unleash opportunities for your business.

Social Media Management

Let us handle your social media platforms and amplify your digital growth – Our social media management services include crafting, planning, and publishing content all across social media platforms. We monitor and do regular social profile audits to plan strategy and create relevant yet engaging content for your business.Our dedicated community managers build and manage your brand reputation while increasing engagements and reach.

Social Media Consultancy and Strategic Support

Get the best Social media consulting services that you need to grow your business. Social media consultants at TL Solutions can help you with actionable strategies to improve your presence on social media. From creating engaging content to result-driven ad copy and advertising campaigns, we got you covered. By understanding your goals and business, we build plans tailored to achieve your goals.


At TL Solutions, we create content that translates your brand voice to your prospective customers. We provide professional social media content writing & copywriting services to create engaging, compelling, and creative social media posts that will keep your followers and audience engaged with your brand. We house experienced copywriters who can write insightful, well-researched and unique content for diverse niches

Community Management

Reach the online community of your targeted customers with our community management services. Building a community is an effective part of our social media strategy and we have a certified team of community managers who can manage, monitor, and promote your brand followers, keep them engaged, and aware about your product or services. With an ultimate goal to keep your brand top of mind, we strategise to gain new followers, engage them, and turn them into brand advocates.

Social Media Audit

Get deeper insights to your social media platforms with our comprehensive social media audit service. We analyse all channels to provide you a detailed report that will help you to benchmark performance to achieve your digital goals. Our experienced social media auditors will provide you gap analysis and competitor activities to help you to gain in-depth understanding of your online presence along with the opportunities to gain a competitive edge over others.

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Why Choose TL Solutions for Social Media Marketing Services?

With changing social media trends, we tweak our strategies to keep your business on top as industry leaders and stand out of the competition. We identify and unleash opportunities for our client’s success.

  • Tailored Social Media Campaigns for Your Business

    We create tailored social media campaigns and strategies for your business to drive results. At Technolangs Solutions, we can keep targeted audiences engaged with your business.

  • Experienced Team of Marketers

    We house an in-house team of certified and experienced marketers who possess extensive experience to craft social media strategy and run ROI-driven advertising campaigns for your business ensuring to drive desired results in decided time.

  • Monthly Analytical Reporting

    We track and monitor your social media accounts to see how well our strategies and campaigns are performing to get the results. We provide clients with weekly & monthly analytical reporting monitoring all KPIs & goals.

  • Increase Traffic, Engagements, and Brand Awareness

    At TL Solutions, our social media strategies are built to boost traffic, engagements, and increase brand awareness. Additionally, we leverage tracking & analytics tools to tweak campaigns where needed.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Which social media platforms are right for your business?

The choice of social media platforms always depends on your business type. Instagram & Facebook are the best option for e-commerce businesses where LinkedIn has become popular to capture B2B leads. You can book social media consulting services to get consultation on which platform is right for your business. Please email us at info@technolangs.solutions to get more information.

The cost of social media services depends on your requirements. Additionally, we have different social media packages to choose from according to your requirements and budgets.

Yes, we provide social media services for e-commerce businesses and help clients in setting up right Facebook advertising campaigns for Shopify, WooCommerce, and multiple other e-commerce platforms.

The investment on social media advertisement is based on your specific goals i.e. whether you want to get leads or increase brand awareness. Email us at sales@technolangs.solutions to get cost and time estimates.

Each platform has its own algorithm - Optimising and gaining organic reach, engagements, and likes usually takes 4-5 months depending on the platform. However, we do complete a social audit of all your channels to give you accurate timelines and customised strategy.

Yes, we sign an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) before starting a project to ensure your business’s privacy and security.

Yes, surely we can. We provide social media optimisation services. to help you gain organic followers and engagements. To get started please contact us at info@technolangs.solutions.

After signing the contract, we will assign you a dedicated account manager, marketer, and project manager to effectively manage your project. They will communicate with you through slack or basecamp and keep you posted about regular updates. Moreover, we also do weekly and monthly reporting meetings.

Working with social media marketing agencies like TL Solutions helps improve efficiency, effective implementation, and customised strategy according to your business goals.

Yes, we provide social media content writing & copywriting services and write valuable and engaging content copy for all posts. To get content writing services, please email us at info@technolangs.solutions