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Search Engine Optimisation helps your business to be on top of the competition. ​​The top results on the first page of Google capture 71% of search traffic clicks – So SEO is a crucial online marketing strategy ensuring organic success and an incremental increase in revenue.
At TL Solutions, we house a dedicated team of SEO experts who craft the right strategies for your search success. Our team is well-versed with the changing search engine algorithms, and latest SEO practices and works closely with businesses to help them achieve their ultimate goals.
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Our SEO Services

Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis

Finding search queries is not enough to gain organic success. We understand your business goals and do comprehensive research to find keywords that are relevant, low competition, and high volume to attract huge traffic to your business. To give your business a competitive edge, our SEO experts run in-depth competitor analysis to unleash hidden potential, and opportunities, and fill the gaps.

On-Page & Off-Page SEO

Improve the visibility of your business with our On-Page SEO services. Our on-site optimisation services are focused on optimising crucial content elements of your website to enable it to be visible on search results. Where our Off-page SEO experts curate strategies to build a strong authority and trustworthiness for your business in the digital world. From creating authoritative backlinks to doing press releases and outreach, we got you covered.

Local SEO

Get found by your potential prospects with our Local SEO services. At TL Solutions, we proffer fully managed Local Search Optimisation services to rank your business in your targeted region for your local keywords. With strong local link-building strategies, business citations, and GMB listings, we allow your business to local ranking. Our Local SEO services are tailored according to your needs and specific ranking goals.

Technical SEO

Improve web performance and deliver an excellent user experience to your customers to acquire the positions on the top search results. As a full-service SEO agency, we offer a wide range of solutions to analyse and fix technical issues blocking your way to the #1 ranking. Our Technical SEO majorly covers optimisation of web core vitals and performance optimisation so you don’t leave any opportunity on the table.

PR & Link Building

Take your Off-Page SEO efforts to the next level with our authoritative and qualitative link-building services. We have an in-house team of off-page strategists and outreach experts who can create quality links and do guest posting to boost the trust factor of your online business and generate more quality traffic that eventually results in an increase in revenue. Let’s get started to get quality links for your website.

SEO Consulting

Hire an experienced SEO consultant from TL Solutions to get reliable and professional SEO consulting services at affordable prices. Our expert consultants deep dive into your goals, online business, and targeted market to craft a strategy a detailed SEO strategy, and recommendations focused on providing a huge return on your investment. Partner up with our team of professional SEO consultants to unlock the potential of untapped organic opportunities.

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Why Choose TL Solutions for SEO Services?

A one-stop solution for all SEO services — we know how much is it important for your business to be at #1 and to take your business there, we render comprehensive solutions tailored to achieve your goals.
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    Technolangs Solutions is a well-recognised SEO agency helping businesses to improve performance on search results.

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    Technolangs Solutions houses certified SEO experts dedicated towards building personalised and well-performing search engine optimisation strategies for the growth of your business.

  • Google Certified Partner

    As a Google Certified Partner agency, we understand Google and other search engines' algorithms and the latest practices to ensure the right results.

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    To ensure the confidentiality and security of your business, we sign a non-disclosure agreement - so you can trust us as your success partner agency.


What are Organic SEO Services?

To Improve ranks of a website/business on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), the strategies implemented to be ranked on multiple keywords bringing the same URL to the top position. As compared to direct traffic, inorganic traffic, organic traffic is given more worth by the monetisation models. Organic SEO is the process of practicing White-Hat SEO.

When it comes to ROI - Return on Investment, SEO is more conversion oriented as compared to traditional marketing. SEO is useless when it is not planned properly, each niche requires a different format of strategies. Building the right strategies and amending them time-to-time needs an expert’s input. Partnering with the right experienced person will drive the results.

SEO is the process which can bring you more organic visitors, you can convert them into potential buyers by optimising the landing page appropriately. SEO is the backbone of any online business. Websites offering real estate services, medical practices or home repairs, selling appliances. All need to get ranked on the SERPs. SEO cannot be the focus-point for every business but has been surveyed as the need of every second business out of two.

SEO services can cost between $130 to $275 on average. As a beginner, there are chances to go with the mentioned prices. However, there are agencies in the US which are charging more than $7000 per month. It cannot be specified what its range is. Specificity of the niche, scope of the efforts required determines the prices to be charged. Normally, it is considered that a Professional SEO service can cost you an Avg. of around $2200 each month.

List of Best SEO Services providing companies can be found from Google. But, there are some features required in an SEO Agency, without those, you can regret investing money on SEO. An SEO Agency should be:
Strategy Driven
Result Oriented
Time Saving
Good at Sheets
Managing Records
All above mentioned can be claimed but found in rare. Be critical while you choose an SEO Agency.

There is no parameter or calculator to analyse the charges an SEO plan can cost. It all depends on the niche you are in and the size of the website you need to rank. Usually SEO of an Ecommerce Website takes more effort as compared to an Institutes website needs to be ranked against some courses keywords. Recommended approach is to pay what the agency asks - it makes them accountable to generate results.

Performance Marketing itself says that - it is the use of techniques which can make your business’ perform better in the campaigns where you are spending money. SEO is free of this hassle (Money). There is no direct consumption of money to get ranked via SEO. But, there are approaches to achieve the Goals, to reach near to the results of performance marketing, we can build a strategy which boosts our sales, reach and brand awareness the way you want.