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1. What is TL Solutions?

TL Solutions is a full-services digital marketing agency providing complete digital marketing solutions to clients from every continent and with different time-zones.  We have completed several projects on search engine optimization, social media marketing, graphics designing, email marketing, PPC, and Facebook/Instagram advertising campaigns.

Our team comprises professional digital media marketers, designers, UI/UX experts, SEOs, and content marketers. We ensure the delivery of projects on-time while keeping the customers’ satisfaction our top priority.

2. What is digital marketing?

Any marketing strategy that is implemented with the use of the internet is called digital marketing. Majority of businesses nowadays have realised the impact of using modern marketing channels. The use of technology in improving the ROI and KPIs of your business requires a robust and niche targeted marketing strategy. Digital marketing tools can offer cost effective plans to implement and seamlessly integrate with your current marketing efforts. TL solutions offers digital marketing services best suited and customised as per your business requirements.

3. How can digital marketing boost sales of an ecommerce business?

Sales is the ultimate win for any business. With digital marketing you can boost sales, increase customers engagement and become more profitable. Companies of every size and category are investing in increasing their footprint and visibility on search engines and social media platforms. For an ecommerce business, the marketing funnel suggests the steps or goals that can be achieved during the journey of a visitor; to become a paying customer while they consider shopping online. TL Solutions can partner with your business in achieving the sales goals by improving your ecommerce website’s visibility on search engine result pages and social media platforms.

4. What digital marketing services TL Solutions can offer?

We specialise in the latest marketing tools and development technologies such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, graphics designing, and Google/FB/Insta advertising campaigns. To know more or get started with our services, please email us at sales@technolangs.solutions. 

5. Do we provide a free initial audit/business proposal?

Yes. We certainly offer a free initial audit to get you started. Our team is ready to evaluate and respond promptly.

6. How TL Solutions communicate and manage reporting to clients?

We engage professional communication tools like skype, Microsoft Teams, Basecamp etc. For quick customer support, our teams can also respond to the queries on other social media platforms. We provide reporting on secure and conveniently shareable formats.

7. Will there be any issue with the time-zone difference?

Not at all, we can offer 24/7 customer service and support round the clock regardless of time-zone differences.

8. Can TL Solutions provide graphics designing services?

Indeed, our Graphics and UI/UX department can provide excellent services to our clients. Our designers are expert in creating modern and appealing designs, infographics, illustrations and photo editing. We can offer designing and scheduling services for social media posts, email marketing campaigns, newsletter, logo creation etc. We can also improve branding for your business to enhance customer engagement.

9. How to contact the TL Solutions support team?

You can reach our support team at sales@technolangs.solutions or call us on +44 7848 486755

10. What are the payment channels?

We accept payment in PayPal and other banking channels. You can get in touch with the sales team for more information.

11. Do you work under Non-Disclosure Agreement?

To keep the customer’s privacy and data secrecy, we enforce non-disclosure agreements across the board within our organisation and with our valued customers.

12. What services can you provide to generate leads and sales?

TL Solutions can offer services that will help you get more leads and achieve sales goals. Our digital marketers can strategize with you to identify target audience, setting ad campaigns and improve networking by leveraging social media.

13. Do you cover all social media platforms for marketing?

With TL Solutions, you can get a robust team of designers, social media managers and content creators at your disposal. We can strategize and implement marketing tactics to boost your social media presence. We cover advertisements and campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, YouTube and LinkedIn.

15. Where can I find the TL Solutions portfolio?

If you are looking to get more information about our recent clients and success stories, please reach out to us at sales@technolangs.solutions and we will surely share the required details with you. 

16. How TL Solutions resolve compliance and quality issues for clients?

Our company keeps the client’s satisfaction and service quality as top priority. With an internal compliance and quality control system, we ensure that TL Solutions team members understand and duly comply with company standards.